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Safe Vaping During Covid-19

Safe Vaping During Covid-19-PodVapes™ Philippines

With COVID-19 affecting all parts of the globe, everyone needs to incorporate health safety measures in everything that they do. We can all be part of the collective effort to stop the spread, flatten the curve, and keep each other safe.

This does not just apply to essential activities such as going to the grocery or adjusting how you work. Keeping yourself and others safe is also a vital consideration when it comes to day to day habits like vaping. 


  1. Vaper Safety During COVID-19
    1. Practice Proper Hand Hygiene
    2. Social Distancing 
    3. Stay Away From People Vulnerable to Coronavirus While Vaping
    4. Sanitize Your Device, Especially the Mouthpiece
    5. Continue to Exercise Regularly
    6. Order Your Vaping Products Online
    7. Do Not Share Devices With Others
    8. Avoid Touching Your Face While Vaping
  2. Recap

The best health option is to not smoke or vape, since the Coronavirus is easier to beat if you have pristine lung health. However, there are many smokers and ex-smokers who are struggling to either quit or stay off cigarettes during this stressful time. 

Using vapes and e-cigarettes are helpful because it is a less harmful alternative to smoking that can aid you in quitting. Just make sure you are taking extra precautions while doing so.

Vaper Safety During the COVID-19

Here are some ways to stop the Coronavirus spread and help protect everyone’s health as someone who vapes:

Practice Proper Hand Hygiene

This tip applies regardless of what you are doing. Similar to when you are handling things like utensils or facial products - it is extra important to practice proper hand hygiene when you are using items that will involve direct contact with your face. This is especially true for things that go in your mouth, like vaping and e-cigarette devices. 

Make sure to wash your hands before and after you vape. Sanitizing your hands frequently, especially when you find yourself touching other surfaces and items, with alcohol or sanitizers when vaping is essential. 

Social Distancing and Staying at Home

This is an obvious tip that should be practiced regardless of what activity you are doing. Reemphasizing this in the context of vaping may be needed because many people prefer to vape with their friends and like to use it as a way to bond. 

Vaping with other people or in groups should not be a problem if you are already quarantined with them and if everyone is practicing proper hygiene and safety measures. The important element here is that you choose to vape at home rather than choosing to vape in public places.

Stay Away From People Vulnerable to Coronavirus When Vaping

One of the biggest takeaways the world has learned during the pandemic is that beating the virus will take a collective effort. This means that considering one’s health but also the safety of others should prioritize our actions and thoughts. It is a particularly important thing to remember for vapers living with elderly people and residents with medical conditions.

Being exposed to secondhand emissions of vaping and e-cigarette products is a lot less dangerous than when it comes to cigarette smoke. However, it can still pose risks to the elderly and those with health conditions. Not vaping around these people is something that should be practiced out of common courtesy.  It is especially crucial to keep this in mind now since COVID-19 is particularly dangerous to those with compromised lung health. 

Aside from staying at home, make sure not to vape in enclosed and shared spaces. Opt instead to vape in open areas that aren’t frequented by other members of the household.

Sanitize Your Device, Especially the Mouthpiece

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has stated that one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of the virus is to disinfect “high-touch” items and surfaces in your home. High-touch surfaces include tables, keyboards, phones, doorknobs, and appliances. For those who vape, this may also mean your vape mouthpiece. 

While your vaping or e-cigarette device is not something you necessarily use throughout the whole day, it is an item that comes in direct contact with your mouth. So, in addition to religiously washing your hands before and after you vape, you must also sanitize your device, particularly the mouthpiece. 

Continue to Exercise Regularly

Those who continue vaping in order to avoid smoking must still do everything they can to improve their lung health. Establishing a routine that includes regular exercise and boosts your respiratory health is essential. Studies show recovery for those who contract Coronavirus largely depends on how healthy their lungs are.

Order Your Vaping Products Online

If you can get your vaping products delivered to you, then you should opt to do so. Do not physically go to stores where you may end up in contact with more people. Most stores now deliver.  You can also find reputable online platforms to order from.  This will help prevent the spread of the virus.

Getting your vaping and e-cigarette products online does not only limit contact with others.  It also makes it easier for buyers to verify the credibility of the distributor and the legitimacy of the product. So, make sure to only order from known and trustworthy brands online. 

To take extra caution, opt for pre-mixed pods. They are safer than traditional open-system devices, which require you to mix your own liquids and may lead to the accidental consumption of e-liquids with unfamiliar and potentially dangerous chemicals. As mentioned before, protecting your lungs is especially vital during this pandemic.

Do Not Share Devices With Others

This guideline may seem like an obvious one, but it must be emphasized because there are people that have the tendency to share their devices with fellow vapers. If this is something you are doing, it is definitely time to stop doing so. While it may not have seemed like a big deal before, avoiding this is a basic hygienic practice that is especially essential now. 

This also includes sharing with people whom you already live with. Even though you are quarantined together, taking the extra precautions to limit unnecessary contact is a no brainer. 

Recap: Doing Your Part Is More Crucial Than Ever

With the spread of Coronavirus impacting the lives of millions of people worldwide in varying degrees, everyone is responsible for stopping the spread. When it comes to a virus like this, keeping yourself safe helps keep others safe and vice versa. 

When you take all the needed safety and hygiene precautions in everything you do, whether you’re shopping for essentials or vaping, you are doing your part in flattening the curve and strengthening the fight against COVID-19.

Safe Vaping During Covid-19-PodVapes™ Philippines
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