PodVapes brings Authentic vape products to the Philippines – PodVapes™ Philippines
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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PodVapes brings Authentic vape products to the Philippines

PodVapes brings Authentic vape products to the Philippines-PodVapes™ Philippines

With the Philippines being home to approximately 15.9 million tobacco smokers - or around 15% of the population, smoking is a major health issue as it is for many people across the globe. 

More and more health-conscious Filipinos want to quit smoking cigarettes, and turn to vaping as a healthier choice. This makes for a large market for vaping, but sadly there arose an influx of many cheap and dangerous Chinese imports and counterfeit vape products.

It has been difficult - if not impossible - to find a trustworthy supplier of genuine and authentic vape products. 

PodVapes, the #1 online pod vape store in the world, has now opened their Filipino online store.   Their massive online presence in Australia, New Zealand, the US, and Europe ensures Filipinos top notch service and product quality.  PodVapes is now able to reliably deliver its top quality authentic products to customers throughout most of the Philippines.

PodVapes sells only the top vape brands in the world made with high quality genuine ingredients. PodVapes has also become world-famous for its customer service and support for smokers wanting to quit. 

This means Filipinos can feel secure knowing they can buy the world’s best genuine vape products, with great customer support and authenticity guaranteed. 


  1. Bringing PodVapes to the Philippines 
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    2. A Reliable Source of Vaping Products for Filipinos 
    3. Combating Counterfeit Vaping Products 
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Bringing PodVapes to the Philippines

PodVapes is a known and trustworthy global leader, with local online vape stores in a  variety of countries across the world. Because of the company’s desire to help more people quit smoking by giving them a less harmful alternative, it continues to widen its reach. 

Luckily for Filipinos who want to permanently quit smoking, PodVapes is set to start bringing high-quality products to the Philippines. With this development, Filipino vapers and smokers planning to stop smoking can now look forward to easier access to authentic vaping products.

About PodVapes

PodVapes was founded on the mission to provide adult smokers with healthier options. The PodVapes team are ex-smokers who found that vaping was a great way to stop smoking. They now take pride and the responsibility in bringing the best vaping solutions to others around the world.

Not only does PodVapes sell a wide range of vaping products, they also like to keep customers informed on the facts about vaping, and the impact of vaping on the community. This can help vapers in the Philippines approach vaping in a safer manner.

A Reliable Source of Vaping Products for Filipinos

PodVapes guarantees its products are 100% genuine. PodVapes gets all products directly from the licensed manufacturers or suppliers of the top brands in the world who make these pre-filled pods under strict quality-controlled processes.

Combating Counterfeit Vaping Products

Having access to a reliable seller of real vaping products is more important than ever. No matter what product, the creation and distribution of counterfeits is always a problem, and the vaping industry is not safe from counterfeits products. 

Across the world, as more people seek a way to quit smoking, black-market sellers are taking advantage of the opportunity by selling counterfeits. 

This is why the access that Filipinos now have to the PodVapes product range makes vaping so much safer. 


Pod vapes are safer vaping systems that make use of pre-mixed and pre-filled pods. The nature of this closed system makes it safer to use compared to traditional open-system vaping devices. 

This is because the latter requires users to mix their own e-liquids, which can make the process more complex and messy. It can also be dangerous because it can lead to inconsistencies when measuring how much of a certain ingredient to put in. 


Aside from the fact users don’t need to mix their own e-liquids, with pod vapes there is no need for complicated hardware. This is very different for traditional open-system devices which require users to replace coils and other components from time to time, which can be confusing and overwhelming.

Size and Style 

Pod vapes are compact and discreet. This size makes it easier to carry around and use whenever needed. Users will be able to fit and hold pod vapes in their purse or pocket without any trouble. It’s definitely less work than carrying around a bulkier device and bottle or a pack of cigarettes! 


With PodVapes now selling authentic vape products locally in the Philippines, more smokers can now give up their cigarettes, and vapers can stop buying counterfeit products. 

Whether you are first-timer or an experienced vaper, you now have everything you need to vape responsibly and safely with authentic vape products that are the best in the world.

PodVapes brings Authentic vape products to the Philippines-PodVapes™ Philippines
PodVapes™ Philippines

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