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Is Vaping Legal in the Philippines? What is EO No.106?

Is Vaping Legal in the Philippines? What is EO No.106?-PodVapes™ Philippines

Short Answer: Yes, Vaping IS LEGAL in the Philippines

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte’s statement regarding vaping in December of 2019 sent initial shockwaves of fear and panic throughout the smoking and vaping communities in the Philippines.

“I will ban it. The use and importation. You know why? Because it is toxic and the government has the power to issue measures to protect public health and public interest,” - Rodrigo Duterte

Since then cooler heads prevailed and Duterte has since walked back from what seemed at first to be an all encompassing death knell to vaping in the Philippines.  Government focus has mainly locked onto the latter part of his above statement.  Several laws have passed that zero in on protecting the public health and interest of Filipino vapers without infringing on their right to vape.

Looking deeper into what Duterte has said since then - and the legislation that has been passed by Filipino law makers - there is actually a silver lining and reason for optimism for Filipino vapers.  

Vaping IS LEGAL in the Philippines

Simply put - vaping is still 100% legal in the Philippines.  Vape only where there are designated smoking or vaping areas.  Sell and buy only registered and unadulterated vaping products.  You have to be 21 to vape.  It is as clear as that.  

Much of the consternation over Duterte’s “anti vaping” stance stems from those who only read the initial headlines but did not delve into the details.  Most of the new regulations and executive orders try to protect the public health via raising the legal vaping age from 18 to 21 as well as tightening import and manufacturing laws of vape products and e-liquids.  

PodVapes supports the above initiatives.  We have always seen vaping as a way of quitting smoking.  We never advocate youth vaping or vaping  for pure entertainment.  We have always warned vapers off from buying cheap and unsafe black market vaping products.  We see the passing of Executive Order No. 106 (EO106) as a positive thing.

What is EO106?

Reading legal terms can be tedious at best.  We have done it for you.  Here are the important takeaways of EO106.

  • Only registered and unadulterated vaping products are legal for sale in the Philippines

  • You must be 21 yrs or older to vape or buy vaping products

  • Vape only in Designated Vaping Areas (DSVAs)

  • DSVAs are open public areas - make sure to always check with business owners or LGUs as local ordinances will vary when defining DSVAs

EO106 goes much more into detail on the manufacturing, sale, and advertising of vape products and e-liquids - much more so than the restricting or banning of vaping itself.  In fact, we see EO106 as a reinforcement to the PodVapes mission statement.  

Our mission is to provide adult smokers everywhere with an effective nicotine delivery system alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. We are committed to supporting you on your journey to either quit smoking totally or discover the many benefits of vaping as a healthy alternative lifestyle choice.

Executive Order No. 106 actually helps the often maligned image vapers endure.  It clarifies the murky legal status and stigma Filipino vapers have dealt with and draws distinct black and white legal guidelines which can easily be defined and obeyed.  Vapers can confidently move forward now knowing the products they purchase are more regulated, legal and safe.


The worry over Duterte’s EO106 proved mostly unfounded.  In fact Filino lawmakers further reinforced that the administration’s concern mainly was pushing for safer vaping - not anti vaping - with the introduction of The Non Combustible NIcotine Delivery System Regulation Act of 2020.  

This act passed with the whopping support of 88 of 100 lawmakers.  Rep. Rufus Rodriguez’, the author of this bill, statements align again with the mission and stance PodVapes has always taken.

“Given that smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the country, the sheer number of those affected by smoking combustible cigarettes raises grave concern. Thus, in the interest of public welfare, it is imperative that the State addresses this health issue urgently and effectively,” - Rep. Rufus Rodriguez.

“Harm reduction” has quickly become the in vogue term as lawmakers acknowledge that vaping is a logical method in reducing the health risks of smoking.  Vaping provides the safest alternative form of a hazardous product. 

In fact “harm reduction”, a term that is just now gaining traction in the Philippines, is a term that the PodVapes Team adopted and embraced at our conception.  EO106 actually helps smokers who are looking to quit by vaping.  It provides clear guidelines on where one can legally vape as well as providing safer vaping product availability.  

The PodVapes Team promises to keep our ear to the ground and inform you on any future changes to the Filipino vaping scene.

Is Vaping Legal in the Philippines? What is EO No.106?-PodVapes™ Philippines
PodVapes™ Philippines

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