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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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How To Spot Fake Disposable Vapes

How To Spot Fake Disposable Vapes-PodVapes™ Philippines

Knowing how to spot fake disposable vapes will save not only your wallet but also - more importantly - your health.

There has been a large influx of fake disposable vape products (particularly in the HQD, IGET and Gunnpod brands) flooding the market that pose a number of issues to the vaping industry.  

Fake vaping products are harmful to your health, do nothing to promote safe vaping, and are arguably the biggest threat to the overall pro-vaping movement.

But fake vape products can be hard to distinguish from the genuine products.

Sadly, one of the biggest problems is that many victims (mostly those that are new to the vaping industry) do not know that their disposable vape is a fake vape product until they have already purchased it and taken their first puff.

Why Are Fake Disposable Vapes Bad?

Unsurprisingly, the fake vape market has exploded, with disposable vapes leading the way.

Concerns have been rising along with consumer complaints over the quality of the disposable vape devices from IGET, Gunnpod, and HQD, as well as health concerns from harmful ingredients, and fake e-liquids containing no nicotine.

Imitation vape products by dubious fake vendors still flood the market today - but can be easily avoided by simply not purchasing said brands.

Today the equation is much more complex as these same brands are now selling direct knockoffs of genuine and legal vape brands.

Brands such as IGET, HQD Cuvie, and Gunnpod have recently seen large numbers of imitation products hit the shelves in various global markets.  

Fake disposable vapes are dangerous to your health as they skirt around strict guidelines that the genuine manufacturer must adhere to in order to ensure safe and reliable vaping.

Faulty wiring, cheap batteries, and E-liquids containing harmful chemicals and no trace of nicotine are all genuine health concerns brought to light by the run of fake vaping products.  

Disposable vapes are vulnerable to this underhanded marketing and branding, as IGET, Gunnpod, and HQD disposable vapes do not state nicotine on their packaging.

These are perfect entry points for shady vape producers as they can easily replicate the vape products and packaging without the need to source genuine ingredients or nicotine salt.

How to Avoid Fake Vape Products

Purchase From Verified Reputable Retailers

One of the best ways to shop safely for your vape products and tobacco products is to buy from reputable companies/manufacturers and online sellers.

Vape products must meet strict guidelines, so do your research so that you can be sure that they comply with all related products regulations and industry standards set by governing bodies and have a long history of positive customer feedback.

One way to avoid counterfeit vape product is to shop local which will help ensure that your product is coming from the correct manufacturer. A quick Google search will help you uncover the location of the seller.

It seems like simple advice but many black market operators and manufacturers still do not choose to follow the law.

If you see that they are selling vape products at a much cheaper price than the average of other reputable places, it's likely that they are selling counterfeit products.

Dig deeper and check out your online vape shop's reputation to ensure that you are being sold legitimate product.

Nobody is perfect - but make sure any consumer complaints are based around simple human error mistakes - not serious issues with the product.  

Ideally the values of your vape provider should align with your own.

Many vendors and counterfeit producers are looking to make profit on the latest and greatest trend - selling cheap and unreliable products without considering the end user. Finding vendors who share the same values and ideas often gives peace of mind when purchasing. Take the time to investigate before making a purchase and find reputable online vape stores who care.

Join our community and become a PodVapes team member today if you are looking for like-minded vapers who look to take their health and vaping seriously.

Know How to Spot Fake Vapes Packaging and Labelling

Genuine nicotine products including disposable nicotine vapes will ALWAYS state the nicotine concentration clearly on the packaging. 

If the nicotine level is missing - DO NOT BUY

A ‘Best Before’ date or batch code with the serial number should also display prominently on the packaging. 

Real nicotine disposable vapes will ALWAYS state the ingredients and include serial numbers on the packaging. 

Nicotine concentration levels as well as nicotine warnings will also be displayed on real vape products. If you've bought that particular disposable vape before, check that it is the same amount of liquid and usual strength to make sure you're purchasing the real thing from a legit manufacturer.

Check the e-liquid volume and the ingredients list: if it has a larger volume or not the same exact ingredients as what you've purchased previously, don't ignore these red flags.

If any packaging or labelling seems dubious, raises questions, or is unclear - DO NOT BUY. 

Missing serial numbers, the wrong volume of e-liquids (either more or less than the usual amount), and no (or wrong) nicotine concentration level are all indicators that the product has not come from a genuine manufacturer.

You are putting your health at risk!  

Know How To Spot a Fake Vape.

No one wants to be scammed! Protect yourself and your health by checking the products packaging, labelling, pricing, and ingredients. Make sure you know what you are ingesting into your body before making that purchase. Keep in mind that most vapers are looking for a healthier alternative to smoking combustible tobacco cigarettes - so why shouldn’t vaping products undergo the highest consumer scrutiny?

Stick with trusted and reputable retailers that have a history of positive customer feedback to keep vaping safely.

Shop smart and vape safe! Your lungs will thank you for it.

How To Spot Fake Disposable Vapes-PodVapes™ Philippines
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